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The Social Impact Award is an idea competition for the youth that want to initiate social or environmental change in a constructive way. Its mission is to promote the knowledge and practice of social entrepreneurship among students in Kenya. Social Entrepreneurship in our view describes creative, entrepreneurial action, focused on a social or environmental issue.

The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business founded the Social Impact Award in 2009 and is coordinated by Impact Hub Vienna with local partners in Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Tunisia. It offers all participants a free workshop-series for supporting the birth of their project idea, knowledge resources and an opportunity to get in touch with their local social entrepreneurship community. Finalists further receive access to a summer incubation program. Winners receive a scholarship and ongoing support.

In Kenya, there will be a total of one-three winning projects (see below). The Social Impact Award Kenya is carried out by Passion Profits. The award addresses students eager to try to solve current social/environmental problems in an innovative way by founding projects, initiatives, or organizations. The projects can be rooted in different fields, such as poverty reduction, health, education, environment, energy, information and communication technologies, human rights, equal opportunities, care, and many others. Submitted projects could be a mobile soup kitchen for homeless people, a new educational concept, a website to mobilize the neighborhood, a new fundraising idea, or something totally new the important thing is that your project pursues a social/environmental goal.

Find an overview of the best projects from previous years here:

Applications are now closed

Important Dates

Call for Applications: May 5th - June 12th 2018
Workshops: 15th, 22nd, and 29th May


The call for applications for the Social Impact Award 2018 is open between May, 5th 2018 and June 12th 2018 at 23:59. Projects are submitted online at respective link. During the submission period, there are workshops offered to the general public, which are free of charge to all participants. These workshops offer interested persons the opportunity to learn more about social entrepreneurship and to experience different stages of project development from idea generation through business modelling. The workshop period in Kenya starts with the kick-off event on May 5th 2018 and continues with workshops across the country on the 15th, 22nd and 29th of May. Anyone interested is warmly welcomed to all workshops. Participation is especially recommended to applicants, but not a prerequisite to apply for the award.

The 8-10 Kenyan finalists are announced in [“a special event”, in case it’s planned] on July 2nd (Venue will be communicated). After the incubation program over summer the award ceremony of the Social Impact Award will take place on September 21st 2018. Winning projects will be identified through a multilevel evaluation process.

Conditions for Participation

The applications for the Social Impact Award 2018 are liable to the following conditions:

  • All team members must be born between 1988 and 2004 (following the EU’s definition of youth: from 14 to 30)
  • Application is open for ideas not yet implemented as well as projects in the early state of implementation. Implemented projects can only be submitted if their founding date occurred after January 1, 2017.
  • Any submitted projects must not have received significant formal start-up support before the submission date. As such, we understand formalized monetary support by an external party or external parties exceeding 3.000€ in value (e.g. angel investment, grants, prize money etc.).
  • Only those applications can be considered, which are complete and have been submitted through our website by June 12th 2018 at 23:59.
  • The 8-10 finalists’ projects receive:
  • Workshops and expert support by Passionprofits
  • Mentoring from June to September
  • Production of a short project video

Out of the 8 finalists 1-3 winners of the Social Impact Award 2018 are selected. The winners receive:

  • Support and seed funding of up to KSH 500,000 in Kind
  • Free access to the SIA Summit taking place in Tbilisi, Georgia in November 2018 with all SIA winners 2018 from all SIA countries

Formal criteria for application

An application to the Social Impact Award Kenya 2018 must include the following elements in English

  1. Application form
  2. Project documents
  3. Project summary (length: 1 A4 page)

1) Application Form

An application form for the Social Impact Award Kenya 2018 can be found on the website.

This application must be filled in and sent with all the other parts of the application by June 12th 2018 at 11.59 pm at the latest.

2) Project Documents

The project documents should describe and present the submitted project or idea. They are open in format and can therefore consist of texts, concept papers, pictures, videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. or a combination of these –you choose the format you want to communicate in. These project documents are the basis of evaluation. Therefore, a person evaluating your project should be able to easily understand which social problem you are solving and in what way you are planning to do so. For a comprehensible presentation it often helps to assume that the receiver has no previous knowledge at all. Please bear in mind that the jury can only take limited time to evaluate your project, making a structured and comprehensible application essential.

3) Project Summary

A valid application has to include a project summary of max. one A4 page, which will be published on during the evaluation process and in the competition’s final folder.

By submitting this you allow the publication of this summary on our website. The summary should therefore describe the submitted project in a short and concise manner. This summary can be thought of as an executive summary in a project plan that highlights the essential parts of the submitted project idea.

To apply to the Social Impact Award Kenya 2018, please send us all the documents via the application link by the submission deadline. Please note, the maximum combined size for all documents is 6MB!

Every successful application will be confirmed by email. If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 days of your application, please contact us.

Evaluation Process

The nomination of the winning projects of the Social Impact Award Kenya is carried out in different phases:


In the first evaluation phase, the project documents go through a pre-selection by the Social Impact Award screening team, resulting in a shortlist of projects.


The respective project teams will be contacted in the second evaluation phase and invited to a short interview between June 18th and June 20th 2018.

Preferably, these talks will take place in person at One Stop Youth Centre, If this is not possible, interviews may be conducted via a Skype video call. The purpose of the interviews is to get to know the project teams better and to verify that teams are aware of all the requirements on their part in case they are winners.

Jury Voting(finalists)

After the interviews, a group of shortlisted applications will be selected. The list will be forwarded to the members of the expert local jury, who will rank the project ideas according to the criteria defined below. The 8 highest rated projects will be awarded as Social Impact Award Finalist 2018, winning an incubation ticket (see below).

Decisions are taken in closed sessions and are non-contestable. The finalists will be announced on July 2nd 2018. The 2018 Social Impact Award Jury in Kenya will be announced in online.


All finalists receive an incubation ticket. This ticket gives them access to a 2 months incubation program from July to September 2018. The ticket comprises:

  • Workspace at One Stop Youth Center
  • Professional support by Passionprofits from July to September 2018
  • Production of a short project video
  • Participation in the incubation program is mandatory for all finalists.

Jury voting (winners)

On the basis of finalists’ progress over summer the members of the expert local jury will rank the project ideas according to the criteria defined below. The 1-2 rated projects will be awarded with the Social Impact Award 2018, winning seed funding and free access to the SIA Summit 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Decisions are taken in closed sessions and are non-contestable. The winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony at One Stop Youth Center on 21st September.

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate your project by the screening-team and the expert jury. Each of the three dimensions is weighted equally.

1. What is the value the project provides to its target group and to society? What is the impact the project generates for its beneficiaries and for society?
2. How relevant are the project’s goals in society? How complex is the problem the project wants to solve?
3. Is the concept scalable i.e. is it capable of being transferred to other markets or target groups without losing efficiency or level of performance? Is it planned to scale the project?

1. Are novel means and methods used to reach the project’s goals? Does the idea focus on a novel or disregarded problem?
2. Are the deployed means suitable to solve the addressed problems and do they exceed current solutions?

1. Does the project seem to be realistically implementable?
2. Are there precise goals and actions planned and are they comprehensible? Has the project team thought about long-term perspectives?
3. Has the project team thought about mobilizing other persons, marketing, PR and cooperation with other organisations?
4. Has the founding team the necessary financial resources to implement the project or do they have a plan on how to achieve them? Does the project seem to be realistically implementable?
5. Are there precise goals and actions planned and are they comprehensible? Has the project team thought about long-term perspectives?
6. Has the project team thought about mobilizing other persons, marketing, PR and cooperation with other organizations?
7. Do the project’s founders seem to be able to seriously run the project and use a Social Impact Award support in a meaningful way?
8. Has the founding team the necessary financial resources to implement the project or do they have a plan on how to achieve them?
9. Has the founding team the necessary resources (know-how, skills, experience) to implement the project or do they have a plan on how to achieve ?


I am not sure if my idea is good enough to apply. What should I do?

Definitely apply! You cannot lose anything when participating in the Social Impact Award, and the workshops and contact with other students will help you to concretize your idea. Especially if your idea is still very young, the award offers you a good opportunity to let it grow. And even ideas in a very early stage of development have the chance to win a Social Impact Award Stipend –as long as they are good and well thought through and you show that you/your team can and will implement it.

I do not have an idea, but I am interested in the topic and the competition. Can I still come to the workshops, the kick-off event or the award ceremony, even without registration?

Yes! Come on by and join us at all Social Impact Award events. Every workshop, the kick-off event, and the award ceremony are free of charge, and we warmly welcome all interested persons. Registration is not mandatory, though we would appreciate it as it helps us in planning.

What happens after the submission of my project idea?

All rights on your application remain of course with you. We will publish your short description on our website and save it in our communication and media documents, so that your idea can inspire other students and other people (press, potential partners, volunteers) may become aware of your project. All rights to the submissions remain of course with the submitting team.

When are the winning projects announced?

The announcement of the awarded projects is going to take place at the Award Ceremony on September 21st, 2018. All further details will be announced in advance at

Am I allowed to submit more than one project?

The application of more than one project by one single person is valid. However, each application has to comprise a clearly defined project and to be complete in the submitted documents (have a look at the formal criteria of application).

Which responsibilities do I take if I win a Social Impact Award Finalist Ticket?

If you are one of the finalists of the award, you have the responsibility to dedicate most of your summer
(July–September 2018) to your project. This includes –according to the stage of your project’s development –the development of a business model and a concept, first prototypes of your idea, and first steps towards implementation. The Social Impact Award enables you as a finalist to dedicate yourself intensively to your project and take big steps in a short time. Additionally we offer you a working space and access to a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs. This is done through a membership at One Stop Youth Center and is accessible to you during the summer months of July to September 2018. During that period you are also required to report your developments regularly to the Social Impact Award team. In this way, you are able to present your project and its progress to other students and potential future partners and supporters.

Which responsibilities do I take if I win the Social Impact Award?

As a winner of Social Impact Award you further commit yourself to participate in the SIA Summit in November 2018 to present the further developments of your project during the summer months in front of the whole international community. Here again you have the opportunity to inspire others and convince them of your project.

I have no time during the summer months 2018. Can I still apply?

Even if you are not able to dedicate the summer to your project during the summer, you can still benefit from applying to the Social Impact award. Your project will be published on and presented to the general public. Furthermore, you can benefit from the workshops and the valuable input for the development of your project idea. However, you are not eligible to receive one of the Social Impact Award Finalist Tickets, as these are reserved for those projects and project teams that are able to work on their ideas during the summer months.

If you have further questions, please visit, our Facebook page or contact us directly via our online contact form, telephone number or email. Submitters acknowledge that they comply with the rules of competition and accept the decisions of the Pre-selection team and jury

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